ID Studio Theater invites you to participate in "Nothing is a Dream: 24hrs with Juan Rulfo," organized by AA3A, curated by Virginia Grise and Blanka Amezkua. As part of 24 hours of events honoring 100 years of the renowned Mexican writer Juan Rulfo, ID Studio will present in Spanish "Diles que no me maten!" (Tell them not to kill me!), part 3 of our award-winning play "Trilogía para Juan Rulfo," which was developed by ID Studio Theater's Artistic Director Germán Jaramillo through theater workshops with the Mexican immigrant community in Staten Island. A complete list of events taking place over the 24 hours is listed below.

ID Studio les invita a participar en "Nada es un sueño: 24hrs con Juan Rulfo," organizado por AA3A, con Virginia Grise y Blanka Amezkua. Como parte de 24 horas de programas honrando 100 años del renombrado escritor mexicano, Juan Rulfo, ID Studio presentará "Diles que no me maten!"—la tercera parte de nuestra obra "Trilogía para Juan Rulfo" que desarrolló el Director Artístico de ID Studio, Germán Jaramillo, con la comunidad de inmigrantes mexicanos en Staten Island. Una lista completa de las 24 horas de Rulfo se encuentra debajo.

"Diles que no me Maten"
Tercera parte de "Trilogía para Juan Rulfo"
Domingo, 28 Mayo, 2PM
ID Studio Theater
311 East 140th Street, Bronx NY 10454


**All performances, other than "Trilogía para Juan Rulfo" at AAA3A 309 Alexander Avenue, Bronx, NY, 10454, around the corner from ID Studio Theater**

Saturday May 27th
4-6pm:           Community Dinner
6:                     Music by K.Sloan
6-7:                 Readings of Pedro Paramo by Max Rienhold, Andrea Arroyo, Matthew Dicken and Andrea Negrete
7-8:                 Readings of Pedro Paramo by Gerardo Rodriguez and Raquel Almazan
8-9:                 Readings of Pedro Paramo by Jorge Cortiñas and Andrea Thome
9-10:               Readings of Pedro Paramo by David Mendizabal, Florinda Bryant
and Max Rienhold
10-11:            Music and Dance
11-12am:      Interview of Juan Rulfo
12-1:               Midnight performances by Georgina Escobar, Camino al Cielo; Yadira DeLa Rivas, ¿Donde quedaba la tierra?; Victor I. Cazarez, el Amor en Tiempos de Trump, capitulo 4: murmullos de una jota con virus
Sunday May 28th
1-3am:           Films on the Rooftop
3:                     Café y Pan
3-4:                 Performance by Emily Mendelsohn, No tamarind tree there now
4-5:                 Sharon Bridgforth, dem Mermaid Blessings card readings
5-6:                 Sunrise Performances on the rooftop by Nia O. Witherspoon, Thin From Dreaming; Manny Rivera, Root Channels
6-7:                 Tai Chi on the Roof with Rene Valdez
7-9:                 Community Breakfast
9:                     Performance by Olaiya Olayemi, ghosts among us: a choreopoem
9-11:               Reading of El llano en llamas
12-1:30pm    Music
1:30-2:           Reading of El llano en llamas by Carolina González
2:                     "Diles que no me maten" from "Trilogía para Juan Rulfo" adaptation by Linn Cary Mehta, directed by German Jaramillo at ID Studio Theater, 311 East 140th Street, Bronx, NY, 10454**            
3-4:                 Community Potluck
Juan Nepomuceno Carlos Pérez Rulfo Vizcaíno (May 16, 1917 - January 7, 1986) would turn one hundred this May. Best known as Juan Rulfo, he is one of Mexico's foremost writers of the 20th century—without whom Gabriel García Márquez said he could not have imagined writing One Hundred Years of Solitude.
To honor him and his work AAA3A prepared an exceptional art show for the month of May, Juan Rulfo Cumple Cien/Juan Rulfo Turns One Hundred, featuring over 50 artists from the Bronx and beyond. To close the exhibit at AAA3A, there will be a celebration organized by award winning theater artist Virginia Grise, “Nada de esto es un sueño: 24 Hours with Juan Rulfo”. The celebration will include food, video screenings, music, live performances and readings of Pedro Paramo and The Burning Plain. The celebration will begin on Saturday May 27 at 4pm and will end on Sunday May 28 at 4pm.
FMI : Blanka Amezkua; 917.260.9954 ;
Juan Rulfo Turns One Hundred is made possible with public funds from the Bronx Council on the Arts through the Department of Cultural Affairs’ Greater New York Arts Development Fund Program.