Live Big Girl Writing Workshop

ID Studio Theater is proud to host the Live Big Girl Writing Workshop featuring the actresses behind "Live Big Girl": Vanessa Chica, Karina G-Lopez, RebeCa Lois. 

While working on their upcoming show "Live Big Girl," they decided to create a workshop aligned with their writings.

The purpose of this workshop is to bring up, release and/or honor that which is felt when speaking on or about our bodies.

Through the use of writing prompts, discussions, and exploration, we invite you to join the "Live Big Girl" movement.

Let's feel, write, honor and release together!

Please note, no writing experience necessary.

Bring a notebook, pen, water.

$5.00 fee

Thank you!

Space is not handicapped accessible

Live Big Girl

"Live Big Girl" is a Poetic play about 3 women and their different and not so different experiences of living in a body that is not celebrated.

There is root deep digging towards self- awareness, Self- acceptance, and self-love.

Through poetry, in movement and in stillness, offering a prescription for healing, in the taking back of their bodies from the mouths of critics.

The three-woman play will be performed at the National Black Theater.

Saturday December 2, 2017, 7PM

2031 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY 10035