ID Studio Theater


ID STUDIO THEATER NYC, is committed to the cultural enrichment of immigrant communities through performance arts while creating new audiences and training performers among these communities. ID Studio advances its vision of cultural enrichment and preservation by:

  • Promoting performance arts as a vehicle for building community, raising awareness and creating a safe space for such exploration
  • Engaging in collective action and inter-community dialogue with community leaders
  • Encouraging social transformation through theater and the arts around some of the most prominent social justice issues such as immigration, health, education and youth power.

Founded in 2001, ID Studio is a non-profit arts organization with a company of 12 permanent actors, and a growing network of dozens of artistic professionals in Theater, Film, Music, and Visual Arts. ID Studio provides communities with culturally innovative ways to express and address obstacles faced by newly arrived immigrants and low-income families. It’s pedagogy is designed to generate interest in theater and provide a safe space for immigrants to participate and preserve the richness of their cultural practices in light of the daily grind of living and working in NYC. ID Studio helps communities promote either rich cultures and develop tools that advance leadership and community building.