Arts Latino NY is an incubator for   collaborative work in the Latino performing arts, including music, poetry, dance, film, and theater. It provides a gateway to the arts scene in the South Bronx and extends its work to various other localities in New York State.


ID studio theater

Germán Jaramillo


Folklore Urbano

Pablo Mayor


Pajarillo pinta'o

Daniel Fetecua

ArtsLatinoNY, a multi-disciplinary strategic Latino arts alliance, unites three influential and renowned Colombian artists and their companies under one roof at its home at 311 E. 140th St. in NYC’s South Bronx.  Its vision is to connect through its local community to educate under-served youth, while bringing collaborative multi-disciplinary bilingual programming to communities all over the NYC area through the medium of Latin American theater, dance, and music.


Current Events and Projects at Arts Latino NY


The three artists now united under one roof are connecting with their new community in the South Bronx, with proposals to bring workshops, residencies, and classes to local youth, as well as showcasing their work to audiences through intimate performances throughout the year in ArtsLatinoNY’s studio theater and music space.  The center features Latin ensembles and private lessons, a soon-to-be recording studio, artist temporary resident-housing, dance and theater rehearsals and workshops, film-screenings, music and theater performances, and artist lectures.