Arts Latino NY Programs 2017

The following are the programs that we take pride in.


Children’s Theater:

In July 2016, Nelson Celis, Director of the National Theater of the Arts in Bogotá, Colombia, directed “Arthur the Kid,” a play for children starring a six-year-old girl from the neighborhood. With your support, this play will continue to be performed for children in schools and neighborhood centers.

Collaborative Creative Work

Involving art, music, dance, and theater, most recently in the creation of a Christmas pageant, “El Pesebre,” written by a noted Colombian playwright. Last year, with the support of the Colombian consulate, we successfully performed it for the Colombian community in New York at St. Peter’s Church at Lexington and 54th Street. In 2016, we presented it for the Latin communities of Mott Haven, and in 2017, Sleepy Hollow, where Folklore Urbano is based.


Community Theater Workshop (CBT)

Is a collaborative effort with BronxPower to impact and build community in the South Bronx, New York, in a project that activates artistic and social empowerment of Latino immigrant and low-income communities, through innovative work in the performing arts. ID Studio Theater’s Community Building Theater Workshop integrates theater and performance techniques that target Latino youth and adults in efforts to increase community leadership, address social issues, build community power and provide a platform for personal expression and artistic performance.

Experimental Theater

Reading and rehearsals of plays in Spanish either written for ID Studio or new plays from Latin America that would not otherwise be performed in New York. Directed by Germán Jaramillo, Artistic Director of ID Studio Theater and a prize-winning actor in Spanish film and theater currently living in New York.


Installations and Gallery

Launch of a book documenting the renovation of the house and the lives of some of the immigrants who worked on it, made by award-winning Colombian artist Daniel Santiago Salguero [Nov. 4, 2016].

Friday Film Fiesta

Once a month curated by Oscar González-Barreto—film critic, dramaturg, and lecturer in Spanish at Columbia University. We are currently showing films shot in the Bronx.

Monthly Poetry Readings

Followed by discussions in Spanish led by Fatima Vélez, award-winning poet from Colombia, hosted at ID Studio the last Friday of every month. Readings are open to Mott Haven residents and the larger NYC poetry and arts community.

Mott Haven Home Movies

A workshop program (Fall 2016 - Spring 2017) organized in collaboration with BronxArtSpace for teenagers and adults in the neighborhood to learn to shoot and edit their own short documentary videos, using their homes, families, and histories as material. Participants in the project reflect the diversity of the neighborhood, with at least half of them living in the projects. The short films will be screened in the community and aired on BronxNet and on NY1 public access television in February/March 2017.

Music School

Lessons and rehearsals for Latin musicians in the community space in the basement level of the house and organized by outstanding musician and composer Pablo Mayor and his group, Folklore Urbano.

Outreach to New Haven

Working with two New-Haven based groups, Bregamos Theater and Unidad Latina en Acción, ID Studio has been conducting workshops and developing a play with undocumented immigrant children in New Haven, for presentation first within the Latin community of New Haven, then for performances in Mott Haven, and finally for the International Festival of Arts and Ideas in New Haven.

Residencies for Artists 

We have hosted visiting artists from France and from Colombia to work with us or use the space as a base for their work in New York. Miguel Borras came to direct the “Bronx sur Seine” project, and Nelson Celis came from Colombia to direct “Arthur the Kid” last summer, and will be involved with the community-building theater workshops this spring and direct a new play, “Blanco Hueso,” this summer.