The title “ArtsLatinoNY” came into being in the spring of 2016 when ID Studio Theater acquired a three floor brownstone in the South Bronx.  The ID Studio board decided to welcome under its new roof its long-time collaborators, Colombian pianist/composer/producer Pablo Mayor and his organization Folklore Urbano NYC, along with choreographer and dancer Daniel Fetecua and his Pajarillo Pinta’o Dance Company.  The new home became a catalyst for creating this new entity, giving it physical meaning and definition.  But the history of ArtsLatinoNY spans over a decade of collaborations between actor/theater director German Jaramillo and his company ID Studio Theater, musician Pablo Mayor, collaborative works between Pablo Mayor and dancer and choreographer Daniel Fetecua (formerly of the Limon Dance Company) and later work featuring all three artists which has  presented work with and for immigrant Latino communities all over NYC for many years.


Pablo Mayor wrote his first set of compositions for ID Studio Theater in 2000 for the production of Walt Whitman’s “A Clear Midnight” , and over the next 17 years, the two artists went on to collaborate on more than 10 theater productions, resulting in recorded and live work and more than 100 musical compositions.


In 2009 Daniel Fetecua was invited to collaborate as choreographer in the production of Juan Rulfo’s "Trilogy" and later for "El Pesebre."




This year marked the meeting of like minds as dancer Daniel Fetecua and musician Pablo Mayor ran into each other on the dance floor at the Encuentro NYC Colombian music festival. The discovery was that what Pablo was doing with Colombian music (merging traditional rhythms with contemporary sounds) was paralleled in Daniel's choreography (injecting his modern dance experience as former member of the Limon dance company with his life-long embrace of Colombia's dance traditions). The result was a 2008 Dancing in the Streets and Harlem fund grant awarded to Daniel which saw their first collaboration with the dance work "Pacha Mama" and went on to see 10 collaborative works which have been performed all over the United States with both companies sharing the stage together (Folklore Urbano and Pajarillo Pinta'o Dance Company). They created in 2014 a multi-disciplinary ensemble called AMALGAMA where they act as co-directors in a project of improvisation and intimate choreography between dancers and musicians. Daniel and Pablo who also share their passion as educators have for nearly ten years collaborated in Folklore Urbano's educational program Cumbia for Kids reaching over 1000 kids throughout the NYC area.